I’d rather have someone who shows they care than someone who just says it! – Unknown

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker (Amazon.ca)

If your dad loves kitchen tools, add this to his collection! Who doesn’t like Sparkling water, especially when you get to do it yourself? This kit comes with the sparkling water maker, a mini CO2 carbonator that can fill up to 9L of water, and a 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. Making your own sparkling water will save you a lot of money at the end of the day especially if your family loves sparkling water and it saves the environment!

Grooming Kit (Amazon.ca)

If your dad wants to achieve the perfect beautiful beard, this is the perfect gift for him! The beard grooming kit comes in a well-packaged premium gift box with all beard care products including Beard Shampoo, Oil, Balm, Brush, Comb, Sharp Scissor, and Storage Bag.

Wireless charging Pad (Thelatestscoop.ca)

If your dad is a tech lover, he might love getting this wireless charging pad. With a sleek, vegan leather finish, this mousepad doubles as a wireless phone charger. It will fit any decor and … It’s useful for anyone living under dad’s roof!

Drinking Cart (Amazon.ca)

If your dad is a socialite, this drinking cart will become his favorite furniture in the house! This rustic industrial style and design with a black metal finish can put all his favorite drinks on display! And the easy roll casters will come in handy when he needs to move the cart where the party is at!

Custom City Map (Etsy.com)

If your dad loves to travel or traveled a lot in his life, you can get him this customizable map. It could be the map of where he was born, the city he loves the most, or his dream destination. The possibilities are endless!

Nespresso Machine (Nespresso.com)

If your dad is a coffee connoisseur, you have to get him this Nespresso Machine! So many flavors are available and he can do so many types of coffee. Every morning when he will take his morning coffee he will think of you!

Custom Blanket (Bestcanvas.ca)

If your dad loves thoughtful gifts, get him this customizable blanket. You can put pictures of his most memorable events and include everyone that he loves! It’s a very sentimental gift he will cherish forever!

What I love about Dad (Amazon.ca)

If your dad loves to read get him this little fill-in-the-blanks book to describe why your dad is the best! Just complete each line and voilà: you have a uniquely personal gift he’ll read again and again. Make it as tender, silly, or groveling as you choose!

FitBit Watch (FitBit.com)

If your dad is a sportsman, this watch will become his favorite accessory! He can wear it everyday and track his health!

Lastly, A gift card at a nearby spa, because who doesn’t want to relax from time to time! Dads work really hard daily to help us and take care of us, they deserve a gateway where they can recenter on themselves!

Let me know what you will get for your dad! I feel like it’s so hard to find something for fathers but I hope this list guided you a little bit!

With much love,


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