10 Interesting facts about Milan

Milan is a vibrant city, perfect for business travelers, tourists, and nomads. It is both a leading financial center and a forward-thinking city in innovation and entrepreneurship. You get to see a mix of ancient landmarks and modern skyscrapers and it’s the perfect playing ground for startups. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, Milan is a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and exciting experience. I decided to sum up for you some interesting and fun facts about Milan and some stuff I believe you should know before your next trip to Italy.

Facts about Milan 1: Milan had the oldest shopping mall in the world.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a shopping mall named after Vittorio Emanuele II, who was the first king of Italy, completed its construction in 1877. It features a glass dome and ornate architecture, which is a prime example of 19th-century architecture. Today, you can find many luxurious stores such as Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and much more. You can also get food at upscale restaurants and rest in cafes. Milan is the fashion capital of the world for a reason.

Facts about Milan 2: The transport system is incredible

One of the nicest things about Milan is its transport system. First off, you have the option between bus, tram, and metro. Their trams have 18 lines, running since 1876. They have longer schedules than buses and metros and are the easiest and fastest way to get around town. And you can even find yourself in a tram that has been running for more than 80 years. As of 2022, Milan was the 5th city with the biggest tram system network in Europe.

Facts about Milan 3: Milan Fashion Week

If you are into fashion, you know that Milan is one of the Big Four. Alongside Milan, you have Paris, New York, and London. Every year, in September and February, Milan Fashion Week presents around 70 fashion shows and 90 presentations of designers to an international audience, which hosts catwalk shows, designer showrooms, and static presentations, since 1958.

Facts about Milan 4: Milan is home to the last Supper

One of the most famous paintings in the world is located in Milan. The Last Supper, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, is housed in the refectory of the Santa Maria delle Grazie church. You can take this tour to get a guide to tell you all about the rich history of the painting as well as the church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Facts about Milan 5: Spin on the testicles of the Milan bull

There is a mosaic of Turin’s coat of arms on the floor of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Popular superstition in Milan for tourists consists of spinning on the bull’s testicles three times on your heel to have one year of good fortune.

Facts about Milan 6: The tradition of Aperitivo is well kept

Originating in the city in the 1920s, Milan is known for its tradition of aperitivo, a pre-dinner drink and snack consisting of a buffet of small bites, including olives, cheeses, meats, and bread. Aperitivo is not just about the food and drinks, but also about socializing and enjoying the company of others. It is a popular way for Milanese locals to unwind after work and catch up with friends, but it is also a great way for tourists to soak in this beautiful tradition and create a memorable experience.

Facts about Milan 7: No more restrictions on liquids from the Malpensa Airport

The Malpensa Airport has access to next-level security systems that allow you to go through airport checkpoints faster and safer without restrictions on containers and volume, as long as the weight and size of the carry-on indicated by your airline are not exceeded. It has to be a direct flight, but other than that, you can bring back all the souvenirs you want stress-free. Say goodbye to TSA-approved quart-size bags!

Facts about Milan 8: The Duomo Di Milano facts

The Milan cathedral itself has many interesting facts. It is a world-renowned architectural masterpiece and one of the largest cathedrals in the world. This stunning cathedral, which took almost six centuries to build, is made entirely of Candoglia marble and features over 3,400 statues on its facade. The roof of the cathedral is adorned with over 2,000 marble statues, including 135 gargoyles. You can even purchase a gargoyle as a fancy present!

Facts about Milan 9: Milan is the wealthiest city in Itlay

The Lombardian city is the financial and economic capital of Italy and home to the Italian stock exchange. It has a very diverse economy, with industries ranging from fashion to banking. The city has put in place several incubators and accelerators, as well as hosting events like Startup Weekend and Milan Digital Week, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

Not only that, it has many modern skyscrapers with sustainable urban planning, high-end shopping districts, and luxurious residential areas that showcase the wealth of the city.

Facts about Milan 10: They absolutely love their football

Milan is a city with a deep and passionate relationship with football. The sport has a long and storied history in Milan, with two major football clubs based in the city: AC Milan and Inter Milan. The two teams play their home games at the San Siro Stadium, which is one of the largest stadium in the world. On match days, the city comes alive with passionate fans filling the streets, bars, and restaurants, wearing their team’s colors and waving flags and banners.

Bonus fact about Milan: When was Milan founded?

The origins of Milan are not totally clear, but the city has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. The city of Milan, as we know it today, was founded by the Celts in the 6th century BC, and it was later conquered by the Romans in 222 BC. The Romans made Milan flourish during their reign.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Milan was ruled by various groups, including the Ostrogoths, Franks, and Austrian Habsburgs, to name a few. Once the Austrian Habsburgs fell in the 18th century, Milan became part of the unification of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

The best part is you can see relics of that rich history around the city.

Where is Milan located in Italy?

10 Interesting facts about Milan

Milan (Milano is Italian) is located in northern Italy, in the Lombardy region. The city is surrounded by the Alps to the north and the Apennine Mountains to the south.

From Milano, on a high-speed train, it takes a bit less than 3 hrs to reach Rome, the capital of Italy.

The city is well-connected by road, rail, and air, and is a major transportation hub within Italy and Europe.

I would strongly recommend visiting the Lombard city if you have a chance, it won’t disappoint!

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