I like my products like I like my people: NON-TOXIC

I hear stuff like this all the time and a long time ago, I, myself, believed in those myths. With time and experience, some of them got debunked! A lot of studies are being done so we can understand the beauty industry better and here are a few that shocked me!

Make-up and skin care products do not expire: Like any other product, make-up and skincare products do start expiring once you unseal them. It rarely goes bad as food does but with time it will irritate your skin and cause inflammation. Foundation will not look smooth on your skin, moisturizers will not hydrate your skin a hundred percent, eyeshadows will lose their pigments…

Expensive makeup and skincare are better than drugstore ones: The process of creating a lipstick, a moisturizer, or a foundation is the same no matter the price you pay. The drugstore products are considered the norm in the beauty industry and are produced in bulks, so anything more expensive has nothing to do with the quality but more about purchasing a branded product. You pay extra for ethical products, sustainable products, and products with exotic components but it doesn’t really do anything extra for your skin per say. 

Waterproof mascara is good for everyday use: Unless you know for sure it will be raining, you shouldn’t wear waterproof mascara every day. It’s a lot heavier than the normal ones and removing it is a lot harder. It weakens the lashes and damages them almost permanently. 

A skincare routine is the key against acne and breakouts: Too many factors can play into breakouts and acne, and a good skincare routine will not save you no matter how many products you use or how expensive they are. 

Nothing changes your pores: It’s all genetics! Heat doesn’t open your pores, and cold doesn’t close them, it’s not a muscle. You can’t steam your face to clean out your pores. Going from hot to cold only irritates your skin. What the heat will do it is unclog your pores from excess oil, but that pretty much all it will do. 

That is it for today! I hope you had a amazing weekend and that your week will be awesome!

Until next time,