Sustainable fashion on a budget

Peaceful mind, grateful heart.

Fast-fashion is cool and new and edgy, but it’s not free. We are all paying the price to have access to these clothes, and the price is high! Whether it’s climate change, huge emission of greenhouse gases, or the use of massive amounts of water and energy, it would be so much better for us to try to be as sustainable as possible. But let’s not kid ourselves, sustainable fashion is not the cheapest way of shopping! I wanted to share with you a few websites I like personally or have been highly recommended to me!

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And the brands are…

Matt & Nat

Frank & Oak


Happy earth

I hope you discovered a new store to shop at and that you will try them out! Try these sustainable brands and support their effort to make this world better, one piece of clothing a time!

Let me know in the comments section below what other sustainable brands you like! I may try them and let the world know about it!

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