23 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas you will love!

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day or you’re trying to top last years, the best kind of gift you can give each other are amazing memorize. And it’s time to spice it up considering the atrocious year we had! I found 22 ideas that would be amazing for all the lovers out there and not just for the 14th of February but all year round. There is absolutely no specific day where you should show love and appreciation to your significant other! Remember your partner’s love language when choosing an activity so you can gift him the best way possible!

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  1. Have a trivia night at home. It’s amazing for team building and connecting with your partner. It’s also super easy to organize and quite fun!
  2. Have a Parisian date night. Is there anything that rhymes better with Romance than Paris? Make a whole night out of it from the clothing to the food and see where the night brings you!
  3. Romantic Walk in a cute neighborhood. Perfect for couples that love the outside! There is probably a neighborhood close by to your place that is romantic so take your partner for a walk and talk for hours!
  4. Go Ice skating. Imagine that: a small breeze, a bit of snow, an empty ice ring… Is there anything more romantic? Don’t forget to get hot chocolate afterward!
  5. A mini gateway. Why celebrate one night when you can do it for a whole weekend? A change in scenery is never a bad idea!
  6. Karaoke night. There is nothing better than goofing around with the person you love so get loose and sing!
  7. Spa night. With our busy schedule, it might be tough to find time to spend together and this activity is perfect to rekindle your love for each other!
  8. Go back to your first date location. Go down memory lane and see how much you have grown as a couple!
  9. At home cook-off. A bit of competition never hurt anyone! If you want it to be more of a teamwork you can try the 5-course meal challenge on TikTok.
  10. Organize a romantic scavenger hunt. You can purchase an already made game or create a DIY version adapted to your couples with your favorite things.
  11. Movie Marathon of your favorite movies. Someone’s favorite movie can say a lot about them and it’s the perfect time to watch them all! Everyone loves a lazy day in bed with movies.
  12. Don’t underestimate a restaurant and movie. Is there anything that screams Valentine’s Day more than this? Sometimes the simplest things can have the best outcomes!
  13. An online cooking class or a cocktail class
  14. Have a day out without any phones. Really spend the day together and forget about the phones and notifications. Having someone’s full attention makes the whole difference in a couple.
  15. Take a Yoga Class. Connect your minds and your bodies for a wonderful session of yoga!
  16. Create a vision board together. An amazing activity to do together and learn about each other’s short to long-term goals.
  17. Be a tourist in your city. I’m sure there is a museum you always wanted to see or a neighborhood you wanted to visit and this is your perfect occasion to do so!
  18. Glamping indoors or outdoors. An activity that takes a bit of planning but that is so much fun! Whether you’re an outdoor person or not, this activity will be amazing and you will remember it your whole life.
  19. Romantic fondue night. Simple, easy, and inexpensive for anyone that has a very busy lifestyle! I would add this to the Parisian night idea!
  20. Take a painting class. Let the creativity flow! If you live together, it would be so nice to make an artwork and hang it in your home to remind you of your love for each other!
  21. Bike around town. If the weather allows it, you should hop on your bikes and go around town and stop at your favorites food spots and enjoy each other’s company!
  22. Spend the night in a hotel. Go out of your way once a year and treat your partner to a whole hotel experience!
  23. Roses and chocolate are always a good idea. This is great to add to any other activity or to do on a daily!

I hope this gave you a lot of inspiration for Valentine’s Day and that you guys will have a lot of fun!

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