25 Favorite Travel Essentials for Women in 2021

The road is long, but the destination is worth every step you take.

Have you ever sat down in front of your suitcase and wondered what in the world should I bring? Or worst when you packed everything and then realized you forgot some stuff?

Well, I got you!

I made a list of travel essentials you would need in different categories! Use it on your next trip and be ready to be stress-free!

Travel Essentials
Travel Essentials

Accessories Travel Essentials

Sleeping eye mask

Whether you’re on the plane or once you are comfortable in the hotel, sleeping eye masks are primordial for your sleep. I once went to a Scandinavian country without realizing that the day started at 3 am and that even the blinds couldn’t keep the sun out. Let me tell you, I would’ve killed for some eye masks!

Water bottle

Very important to keep hydrated throughout your trip for many reasons, such as preventing infections, delivering nutrients, and keeping organs functioning properly. It will help with your sleep and your mood. And if that’s not enough… think about the healthy glow you want in your pictures.

Portable charger

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, my phone is an extension of my arm. God forbid my phone dies on me while I’m traveling. Having a portable charger with me at all times is simply the smartest thing I can do. You never know when you would need to call someone or check directions or use your phone as a buffer in awkward situations!


I forgot many chargers in my life, I can tell you that much! I pack that first now! I bring my laptop, I forget the charger. I go on a road trip, I forget my car charger. I bring my kindle charger, but I don’t bring the actual kindle. It’s so complicated if you bring a lot of electronics with you! So make sure before you finish packing you have everything.

Noise cancelling earphones/headphones

One thing I don’t like while traveling is the useless noise around me. Whether it’s the plane noise, loud music on a road trip, or an unfortunate house party given by your neighbors, one thing that is always useful is noise-canceling headphones. I quite like the ones from Sony.

Travel Pillow

I can’t be the only one who has torticollis after a long car ride or on a flight. A travel pillow would definitely make the trip a lot smoother, and you will feel more relaxed!

Desinfecting wipes

The new reality of traveling is that you should always clean the place around you when you arrive. You don’t want your vacation to be spoiled by Covid. Actually, this should be the first thing on your travel essentials list!

Travel adapter

If you are traveling within your own country, you can forget about this. However, if you are changing countries or worst, continents, this is a must. If you don’t know the type of outlet you will need, you can get a universal converter from amazon that covers more than 150 countries.

Travel wallet

The organizational freak in me had to add this to the list. You need a special wallet that can contain all your documents such as your passport, tickets, licenses, important phone numbers…

Any kind of entertainment

Whether it’s an iPad, your phone, or a kindle, you need to have something to keep you busy. You might go on a long-haul flight and will have a lot of free time. Also, in-flight entertainment is not the best, and sometimes there are none. But don’t forget the chargers of all these little gadgets (haha)!

Clothing Travel Essentials

Loads of clothes

Be prepared for any kind of weather and for the events on your trip. Take versatile clothing that you can wear more than once and try to be as comfortable as possible.

Confortable shoes

There is nothing that can ruin your trip more than uncomfortable shoes. You don’t want to have blisters during your trip, and by the way, this trip is not an opportunity to break your new shoes.


Do I even have to explain this one? It’s so nice to have slides on hands to switch to when your shoes are starting to tire you. And you can wear them around your hotel and Airbnb or when you have to run errands.

Compression socks

This is a lifesaver for your flight or during your road trip. If you know you will have reduced mobility for a long time, you should have compression socks on to help you with your blood circulation.

Fanny pack

There is nothing more secure for your personal stuff than a fanny pack. It’s hard to steal something from it because it’s so close to your body. You can get very fashionable ones that match your outfits!

Rain coat and Umbrella

When the weather switches on you, and that can happen any time, you should plan ahead and bring an umbrella and raincoat. Especially if you are traveling in the fall. You don’t want your vacation to be spoiled by some little rain if you scheduled a lot of activities.


All I have to say is that sunglasses complete an outfit.

Beauty and Self Care Travel Essentials

Travel size skin care

You can go to the dollar tree to get small containers for all the skincare you want to bring. It will be easier to get through security if it’s in small containers. Also, a little tip, I like to get samples from stores like Sephora. That way once I’m done with the package I can just throw it out.

Makeup pouch

Get a small pouch with all your essential makeup items in travel sizes. I often bring too much with me, thinking I will start using it, but realistically I tend to go very natural.

SPF Sunscreen

You need this for your beautiful face. You only have one face, so protect it at all costs!

Dry Shampoo

If you don’t feel like washing your hair or you are only leaving for a few days, you should bring some dry shampoo with you. The advantage of that is that you won’t need to bring shampoo or conditioner with you! Considering you have a limited amount of liquid you can bring, this is a very interesting solution.

Lip balm

Say goodbye to dry lips. I can not go on a plane without it. And if you are traveling between different temperatures it’s important to have a lip balm so the impact on your lips is minimal.

Tooth brush and tooth paste

I forget my toothbrush at least once a year while traveling. I mean it’s such an essential that I can find it anywhere, but still, why do I keep on forgetting it? It’s also very nice to have on the plane so you can brush your teeth and feel fresh at your arrival.


Also forgot that a few times. If you do forget, you can always use some disinfecting gel as a backup but if you are going for a long time, better buy a new one once you arrive. I would suggest applying it just before you leave and put it straight in your suitcase.

Sanitary products

This is obviously all depending on your personal hormonal cycle but make sure you don’t get a surprise once you are there. You have a few options but, I would suggest the menstrual cup; they are safer, takes less space, and is environmentally better!

I did create a Canadian fall packing list that would be so useful right now and you can check out if you are visiting Canada soon!

I hope this list has helped you somehow and let me know in the comments down below what you would add to complete this so that we can all help each other.

On that note,

Talk to you very soon,



Sofyah Ov is the founder of Sofyahscorner. Through her travels, she emphasizes the art of living comfortably while adventuring, showing readers how to strike a harmonious balance between world exploration and the soft life. Having lived in 3 different continents, the writer, passionate traveler, and lifestyle enthusiast would love to teach you how you can have it all!

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