Making sure my personal space is always clean.

Having a huge problem with procrastination and anxiety, I tend to always clean everything when I’m anxious because I feel like I’m falling behind on the things I have to accomplish. So in the last year, I really tried to clean up my personal space so that I won’t be distracted when I have to start working. This really helped me get my shit together and accomplish my goals in a timely manner rather than trying to go through my do-to list and constantly thinking about that shirt I didn’t put away or that dish I didn’t clean. A lot of studies in the last ten years have shown the positive impact of a clean environment on your mental health and it’s really interesting to read how one effect the other in ways you could not even imagine.

Learn more about personal finance.

Don’t you feel like sometimes, the system is screwing with you? With the interests and the hidden fees and the taxes and with all the complicated jargon that no one understands… Years ago, they would teach all that stuff in schools so that once you enter the working force, you are prepared to manage your money the best way possible. Since those classes are not offered anymore, it’s up to you to go and get educated about that subject. Take a few intro classes on how to do your taxes yourself or the best kind of investments on the market or how to have a good score credit. You should also look into preparing your retirement and have savings to fund your goals. I can’t stress this enough, if you don’t have your own back, no one is!

Say goodbye to social media for ever (or almost!).

Social media was my own worst enemy for such a long time. I could spent hours scrolling through Instagram, snapchat and twitter. And if it was only sucking my time, it would’ve been that bad. Instead I would start comparing myself to all those girls and feeling sorry that I do not have everything they have. Slowly I started to manage the time I spend on social media until almost not using my phone. It’s the greatest change I made in the last few year. I focus more on the present and living my best life without sharing everything. I’m far from being cured and I do get sucked in from time to time but that’s okay, I don’t believe we could completely remove social media from our lives.

Change is very hard to accept, we often try to change as little as possible because we are set in our ways. But sometime change is good, especially if they make your mental health better, they save you time or energy and make your life go smoother.

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Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. – Lyndon B. Johnson


Sofyah Ov is the founder of Sofyahscorner. Through her travels, she emphasizes the art of living comfortably while adventuring, showing readers how to strike a harmonious balance between world exploration and the soft life. Having lived in 3 different continents, the writer, passionate traveler, and lifestyle enthusiast would love to teach you how you can have it all!

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