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Nothing feels better than switching your wardrobe for autumn! Goodbye to the dresses and hello sweaters! As soon as October hits, I try to switch my closet so it feels more like fall, and it puts me in such a good mood! I rearranged my wardrobe 2 days ago and decided to share with you a few staples I need in fall.

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Without further due…

Boots: One of my favorite accessories to play with in fall. They are a great way to dress up or down your basic outfit.

Sweaters: As soon as October 1st hits, my whole wardrobe get filled with sweaters. I especially love it when they are cropped a bit. They are just so easy to style. You will be comfy and cute!

Coats: If I can purchase coats every week, I would. My two favorites are down below (Faux Fur and Faux Leather) but you can have so many other styles and they are great to make your outfit go from casual to edgy or classy or whatever style you want!

Pants: For fall, I love nude pants and patterns. The nude pants can be very versatile so every occasion is a good occasion to wear them as for patterns they are a bit harder to style but who doesn’t like a challenge? Depending in the pattern you can go for an edgy look or you can go for something more subtle.

I could obviously add a lot more items and be more precise but I preferred giving you a larger category and leave you the freedom to be a lot more creative with your outfits.

Let me know in the comment section below what are some your favorite clothing pieces!

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