5 Delicious food spots to try in Montreal

If you are a foodie, this post is made for you! Recently I was scrolling through Tiktok, and I noticed a lot of videos of the cutest food spots in Montreal. I thought I will try them out for you all! My friend and I did the 4-course meal challenge with a bonus round! If you are visiting the city, you have to stop by them! They are so affordable and delicious, you won’t regret it!

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First stop: Drinks! And what is better than a mimosa Tea to start off! The day was a bit breezy at first; I wanted something to warm me up! They do make tons of different drinks, cold or hot, depending on what you want! And the staff is so friendly and are willing to make things out of the menu!


Second stop: Appetizer! We decided to start with a salad, trying to be healthy-ish. They have salads, power bowls, poke bowls, burgers, flatbread pizza, and desserts. This 12 $ salad was quite massive, and we barely were able to finish it!


Third stop: First meal! We went for chicken tacos. This is a place I have wanted to try for such a long time! Unfortunately, I ate better tacos in my life. They were not very expensive, so it wasn’t a big lost… Google had quite a lot of good reviews; therefore, I would go back to try another dish. On a different note, this place has one of the most amazing decors ever.


Fourth stop: Second meal! It’s pizza time, especially when the pizza slice in question is larger than my face. Their most expensive slice is 6$, and we got the 5$ one. And they offer sodas as well, which we didn’t try, unfortunately. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat, and if you can only make it to one place, this should be the one!


Last stop: Dessert! This place opened about 3 years ago, and it ranks high in my favorite places. It’s a small cute place; you can’t do much inside… but there is plenty of empty places outside to eat your waffles. They have 2 base options, but then you can customize it with a dip and toppings.

All these food spots are located in the Old port and are close to each other! And if you find yourself in Montreal, I have written a post about what the city has to offer! You can read it HERE!

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