Fashions fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

2019 just ended, a full decade ended and some fashion trends should end with it. These trends that either appeared in 2019 or earlier should just stay in the past. Obviously, I do fall into some of these categories. I will probably continue some of them in the future. The reason being I’m used to it and it’s honestly a lot more accessible to me. I feel like being conscious about it is the first step to recovery. Also maybe you don’t need to recover from anything. At the end of the day, who am I to tell you how to dress? Whatever you wear, if worn with confidence, will be pretty. You only need to please yourself and disregard anyone else. These 5 trends are subjective to my opinion but hopefully, we can agree on some of them!

One: Anything mini. Mini glasses, mini purses…. I know it’s extremely fashionable and cute but let’s be realistic, it’s useless. For the sunglasses I feel like you really need to have the right face shape to pull them off, but is it going to protect my eyes from the sun? I doubt it! And what are you putting in this mini bag? Nothing! Will I pay money to get a bag that can’t hold my wallet? Nope!

Two: Fanny packs! While looking for pictures of fanny packs I do have to admit some people really know how to style them in a nice way but when I walk on the street, people are really pushing it. Also for those wearing a fanny pack in a foreign country other than the US, you are just getting the attention of pickpocketer so don’t put anything important in it!

Three: Real fur/Real leather. Wearing real fur/leather is no longer fashionable. It’s more expensive than normal stuff and animals suffered for it. As part of the eastern europe community, we do like our leather and fur to be real but that has to stop. I can’t remember a time where we didn’t have those at home but I can’t wear them, I feel like it’s as if am wearing a dead corpse. Considering I can find some faux fur and fake leather that look just as good, I don’t think it will be a big loss to remove the real ones from my closets.

Four: Sock sneakers/ Wedge sneakers. Sneakers are sneakers stop trying to change them to make them more fashionable or in trend. I only wear sneakers in the gym. I would die before I would wear sneakers to a chilling. I don’t even know for what kind of occasion I would wear a sock sneaker or wedge sneakers.

Five: Fast Fashion in General. You should watch the episode from the Patriot Act ( The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion) that explains why fast fashion is bad. It’s extremely bad for the environment and the economy, and let me not start on child labor and insanely bad work condition in third world countries.

Do you have any other trend that should stay in 2019? Comment them below! I had so many more but I didn’t want to write a novel either! 2019 had definitely so many new exciting trends and some are extremely nice but there was a few misses!

I hope you guys had a marvelous 2019. If not, you have 2020 as a clean slate, make the best of it! Let me know what kind of article you would like me to write for 2020! And follow the blog so you never miss a new article!

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***All picture were taken from Pinterest

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