5 Habits of People With Great Skin

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Reading about skincare, I realized there is a lot of different ways to better your skin and take care of it! The more I read about it, the more I realized that all the pieces of advice are pretty similar, and I wanted to share with you those that are most popular. I have applied them in my life a long time ago actually, so I know they are true, and I hope they will work for you too! These are the 5 habits of people with great skin you can try to make your skin look great!


One of the main reasons for beautiful skin is hydration. It allows you to flush all the toxins from your body, to increase blood flow, and give you an even skin tone. It also increases skin elasticity and reduces skin puffiness. This goes hand in hand with my next point, which is your diet. The body is a very complex organism, and everything is connected.


This is an element that affects me personally! I know I have been eating like crap when pimples and textured skin start appearing on my face. What you put into your body will reflect on your skin. You need to take a look into TCM mapping, which is an old Chinese practice that basically associates every section of your skin to a specific organ. That can tell you which organ you should work on to fix your skin. Generally speaking, you should try to have a very healthy balanced diet. Replace junk food with home-prepared meals and make sure you get your veggie daily intake!

Sleep well

Beauty sleep is not just an expression, it’s almost a fact! But scientifically, what happens when you sleep is that your body repairs itself, just like your muscles and your brain! You should get about 7 to 9 hours of good sleep for your body to improve. What really happens when you sleep is an increase in your blood flow, production of collagen, and repairs from UV light exposures.

Found the best routine for their skin type

By trial and error, everyone that has good skin has also found the perfect skincare routine for their skin type, with the right amount of steps and the right ingredients. This is definitely not the most important way to have great skin, in my opinion, but it has its benefits.

Sunscreen (SPF)

The advice I never apply, unfortunately… People tell me that I should, and I do see why I should start, but for some reason, it’s always very far in my mind, and I never do. Other than cutting your chances of having skin cancer by half, sunscreen protects your skin from burning. All the burns that you don’t necessarily see will accumulate and age your skin faster.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the habits of people with great skin as much I loved sharing with you a bit of my wisdom. Just keep in mind that your skin is very unique just like you, and not everything will work. It happened on many occasions, a few of my friends would rave about a certain product or a change in their lifestyle. Then when I try it on myself, and it’s a complete disaster! So my best advice is to really listen to your body first and foremost! If you are interested in reading more about skincare and my personal routine, you can do so here.

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