5 lipstick you need this fall!

I love lipsticks. I can tell you the first lipstick I wore, the lipstick I wore for my graduation, the lipsticks I wore on my job interviews and the ones I wore on first dates. They are a part of my story and when choosing them I’m very precise! Whenever I purchase a new lipstick, I definitely have a reason behind it, I know they will make history! Growing up I also had a lot of insecurities about my mouth area and it took me a lot of time to gain confidence and not let it that part of my face affect me that much and lipsticks definitely pushed me in the right direction. I have 5 lipsticks I absolutely adore for the fall season that I hope you will love as well, you can read all about them down below!

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5 lipstick you need this fall!
From left to right: BlackBerry Sorbet, Faux, Plum Bum, Sell Out, Spice Girl

Spice Girl by Huda Beauty: First of all the brand in itself is amazing! Huda is definitely a genius when it comes in cosmetics production and she knows how to create the best products! This lipstick is proof of it! I love that it doesn’t dry up my lips and the color is so fall! The smell is very sweet and chocolaty but not in a distracting way!

Sell Out by Too Faced: A more pinkish tone if you don’t feel like being bold, this melted lipstick a lot more settle than the rest of lipsticks on this list. This is the perfect fall everyday lip color and also I have no idea what’s in it but I could swear my lips looks bigger with it!

Plum Bum by Loreal: A very dark mauve for a vampy look. What I love most about it is that you can build it up to a very dark color. But if you wish to stay more discrete you can also blur it a bit. This lipstick is extremely long lasting and nothing will remove it from your lips, it’s the kind of lipstick you were all day with no retouches!

Faux by MAC: The perfect nude color ever to exists. It suits my skintone so well and it’s so hydrating. I don’t need to be wearing makeup to wear this lipstick and I love that!

Blackberry Sorbet by Sephora: This is another long lasting lipstick that is a bit lighter than the plum bum. It’s the perfect night out lipstick!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this and it gave you some ideas as to what purchase next! Let me know in the comment section what is your favorite lipstick for fall or in general!

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