I went through everything so you don’t have to! I’m lucky enough to travel a few times a year (aside from this year due to the damn COVID), and I learned so much while traveling. I made travel mistakes that I will obviously not repeat, and I’m here to share them with you so your trip goes smoothly!


This happened to me so many times, it’s not even funny. I somehow always think I will wear this new dress that I never wore before or weirdly feel the need to bring my cute heels knowing that I will be walking for hours at the time. My trick to combat this is to make a list of everything I will need a few weeks before the trip and then sleep on it. Come back from time to time to make sure I don’t need to change anything. Also, if you travel often, you can recycle your old lists and adjust them to make them better if you had noticed something wrong with it last time you used them!

Phone plans

Call your phone company, check if they cover the new area and if not, how much it would cost. And then, look up if there is a possibility of getting a temporary sim card in the country you are visiting. Go with the cheaper option. Keep in mind some countries are very advanced and offer free wifi in most public places. You could get away with using just the wifi! But the worst thing you could do would be using your personal data when your carrier doesn’t offer that option (budget-killer).

Local currencies

Make sure you always have a bit of cash with you no matter where you go. The amount of time I got told that they don’t accept cards is unbelievable, especially in 2020. You can exchange your money at the airport but keep in mind their rates are not advantageous for you. Your best option is to exchange your money at foreign exchange offices. Their rates are a lot more competitive, and they have very few additional fees. You can find them around the city center… but don’t go to the ones right next to popular attractions!

Overplanning your day

You are in a new place, surrounded by a different culture, and the point of traveling is to let all this beauty in! Take the time to look around, try new food, shop in artisanal stores, speak with locals. You don’t want to put 10 attractions on your list and rush in between to do everything.

Traveling like a tourist

I did this once and never again. The best thing that a country has to offer is not where all the tourists are. Obviously, if you go to Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a must, but the beauty is not there. Get on a bus and get out anywhere, walk the streets, take a coffee in a small coffee shop, relax by the park… While we are on the subject, don’t go to a fancy hotel either, choose a small bed and breakfast, the staff will tell you all about the country you are visiting and they will make your experience so much better!

Traveling with the wrong people

Your travel buddies will either make your trip or break it, and it’s the same for family members. We all have different traveling styles, and it’s super important to travel with people with a similar mindset!

Generally speaking, I didn’t have extremely bad experiences, and I’m very grateful for it! Also, I learned from my adventures, so it always goes better and better!

Comment down below any travel mistakes to avoid so we can all help each other!

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“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

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