Summer is right around the corner, or maybe already present in your corner of the world and this means TRAVEL. This is the time to discover the world for many people and what a great way to send a loved one to his new adventure than by giving them a goodbye gift.


First and foremost, a portable charger! This bad boy is a life saver! Not just when when you travel but in life in general. I purchased the Mophie from amazon a few weeks back to upgrade from the one I had before and I love it! Totally worth the 50$ I spend! It charges my phone fully 3 times before it dies which is perfect for someone like me that spends the day running around and never having the time to wait for their phone to charge. Lastly it’s quite small and light, so very easy to carry and not a burden.


Another thing that is perfect for travelling and everyday life is a Kindle. If you are the kind of person to want a big library full of books, this one is not for you! I on the other hand think books only collect dust and is environmentally against it if it can be avoided. I would rather borrow a book from my local library and give it back after than purchasing it and leaving it in my personal library knowing very well I will probably never read that book again. So if you are like me a kindle will be your favorite accessory. I love to read unfortunately I have less and less time to do so. Now I try to get a bit of reading in the bus while getting to school or to work during my breaks… It’s also an amazing way to learn a new language and practice your reading skills.

You should also have these two things in your luggage when travelling: A portable Jewelry box and a Travel journal. The former as an organizational tool and the latter as a creative tool to remember your travels. As a girl, I obviously love jewelry and when I travel I tend to travel with very few clothing item. I love to accessories thought and a jewelry box is small, efficient and organized. That way I don’t have to look very far and I can be out of the door pretty quickly. As for the Travel journal, I think it’s very important to have one. You can draw in it, put pictures, write stories and memories, glue some stamps or money in it… It’s a great way to compare your travels and also see the difference in time if you ever go back. It’s also just so pretty to look at! (If you do purchase one make sure it’s a spiral notebook otherwise you will loose pages over time and it will become too heavy)

Something very cool that I want to do but didn’t get a chance yet is a DNA ancestry kit! 23andme is one of the companies you can go with or AncestryDNA. (Both links are from amazon but you can also purchase them on their own website) Both are pretty popular from what I gathered on the internet. As individuals we always ask ourselves where are we from, what’s our background, and this is your chance to discover. As a traveller in particular it’s more interesting because you go to all these places and meet so many people all over the globe and knowing where you are rooted really change your mind on many thing and make you realise how small the world is.

If any of you got the chance to do the ancestry test, let me know how was your experience! I would love to know!

I hope this list helped you and gave you ideas on what to offer to a special person in your life! Comment any other goodbye gift you would like to receive as a traveller or a normal person who likes to receive gifts 😉

With much love,


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” —Oprah Winfrey

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