“Don’t change yourself so that other people will like you. Be yourself so that the right people will love you.”

With any weather switch, I love to make some changes in my life, such as my skincare routine, makeup looks, and wardrobe to fit better with the weather in question. And fall just came around, so it’s the perfect time to share with you my tips and tricks for this transition. It just happens that autumn is my favorite season, and I go all-in in changing everything, to put myself in a better state of mind!

Don’t hesitate to let me know what kind of changes you make around this time of the year, and while you’re at it, follow my blog to stay updated with my posts!

The first thing I switch up is obviously my wardrobe! Adios summer dresses and wedge sandals, and hello to sweaters and booties! It’s also the perfect opportunity to clean up a bit and get rid of clothes I know I don’t want anymore.

Then for skincare, I change my lightweight moisturizer for a thicker one. I love the Vichy hydrating creams. I use the gel during summertime, come fall, I switch to the thermal rich cream! I have dry skin, as I mentioned in previous posts, and I need something more nourishing! Also, I use a more gentle cleanser that will not strip my skin from its natural oils. My favorite one is the Origin Three Part Harmony, and I usually use it through winter as well! I reduce the amount of time I exfoliate my skin, and I start to use body lotion as well!

For makeup, I swap my glosses for darker lipsticks and my nude eyeshadows for orangy ones!

I am so excited for this season! I can just feel how amazing it will be! And I have so many ideas for future posts as well as a trip planned for later that I can’t wait for!

If you have any requests for something you would like me to write about, let me know down below!

Talk to you all very soon,


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