Best Weekend Getaway Near Montreal To Escape The City

Never be afraid to start over again, new beginnings sometimes bring the best changes to your life.

Sometimes all we need is a 48-hour weekend getaway. No? With the insanely fast-paced society we live in, it can be hard to leave everything for a long time, but I think we still deserve a vacation! We need that little excitement in our lives. And this list will come in handy the day you decide that enough is enough. Whether it’s for a baecation, a solo trip, a family weekend trip, or a ski getaway with your girlfriends, take inspiration from this list for your next weekend getaway near Montreal!

Weekend getaway - Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario

2h from Montreal.

There is more to the city than politics!

I might be thinking with my stomach, but Ottawa has some restaurant chains that simply don’t exist in Montreal and that you should absolutely drive to! Write this down…

  • Popayes
  • Chipotle
  • Red Lobster
  • Lone Star Texas Grill
  • Fat Bastard Burrito

Should I say more? If this is not enough, you can spend your day walking in different bohemian markets, bike near the canal, visit a few museums that the city has.

Weekend getaway - Burlington

Burlington, Vermont

2h from Montreal.

The slow living that Burlington offers is hard to pass on.

This town is very charming and a weekend getaway is enough to visit everything. Visit the boutiques on the Main Road, take your time on a terrace, or walk around in a park. Also if you need a bit more of nature, you can go hike Mount Marcy, which is really nice!

Weekend getaway - Montebello

Montebello, Quebec

1h30 from Montreal.

If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, not far from Montreal, Montebello is the place to be.

The little village on the edge of the Outaouais has everything to make you forget your stress and recharge. You can visit the Omega, a drive-through park, where you can see an abundance of animals in their natural habitat. You can also hit the spa at the Fairmont hotel to get all the treatments your body desires! And do not skip all the small hikes you can do to reconnect with mother nature!

Weekend getaway - Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

1h30 from Montreal.

A cozy weekend getaway perfect to recharge your social batteries.

Any nature lover would love this place. You can hike, go to the spa, go to the beach, ski and snowboard, cycle around, canoeing… The village is really cute, and they offer so many activities to try that are extremely fun. I would recommend this anytime!

Weekend getaway - New York

New York, New York

6h15 from Montreal.

What better way to escape Montreal than to go to an even bigger city?

It’s impossible to visit the whole city during a weekend obviously but you can decide the type of weekend you wish to have and build your trip around that. You can find anything you wish for. If you need a few ideas, go check out this article to inspire you if it’s your first time. You can also go on a culinary trip knowing that New York is one of the places where you can eat from anywhere in the world within reach.

Weekend getaway - Quebec City

Quebec City, Quebec

3h from Montreal.

A vital part of living in Montreal is to go to Quebec City.

The charm of this town is unbiddable, and the people are so calm and nice. Take a stroll in Old Quebec and take a look at the architecture. You can sit on a terrace and enjoy some good food. The city is full of history so check out the landmarks. Finish your day at the SkySpa.

Weekend getaway - New York

Toronto, Ontario

5h from Montreal.

Toronto is known to be a very vibrant city with amazing nightlife. Get yourself to the best museums and the best restaurants. Walk in the parks, have a picnic, or get lost in the backstreets. The city is the home of so many cultural events that any art enthusiast would love to see.

So did you decide where will be your next weekend getaway?

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