Insane Budget-friendly Fall 2022 Trips you can’t miss out on!

Not tomorrow, not next month, the time is now.

There is nothing better than traveling without breaking the bank, do we agree? So many destinations get disregarded and are not considered trendy when in reality, they are hidden gems of this world. This fall 2022, check out these budget-friendly places and extend your hot summer girl vibe to autumn!

Let me know in the comments below if you have been to one of these countries before and if they are worth the trip!

Croatia, Zagreb

Croatia is often skipped on all year long even though it’s one of the cheapest country in Europe. Going there in fall is ideal as the accommodation is at its lowest (17$ per day), le waters surrounding the cities are still warm enough for a swim, the scenery is slowly changing its foliage into fall colors and you can easily country jump to Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania to continue your budget-friendly adventure!

Bulgaria, Sofia

My personal favorite of this whole list… and it has nothing to do with the fact we share the same name haha.

This city is very lowkey but worth every second spent in there. You can get free walking tours pretty much daily and the accommodation is around 12$ per night (and even lower in fall!). Schedule 3 days to visit everything this city has to offer, whether it’s a cathedral or some roman ruins, and don’t forget to indulge in traditional Bulgarian food!

Hungary, Budapest

If you want to live like kings and queens during your stay, this place is for you. The average daily price to stay in the city is about 26$ but looking at the amazing scenery you will wonder how come you are not paying more.

You will be surrounded by elegant architecture, good food, lively nightlife, and indulging yourself in thermal baths, what else do you need? You can also partake in numerous walking tours for free and really get into the nitty greedy of the city.

Portugal, Porto

If you want a calmer city in a crowded country, this is for you. During fall, the city is a lot less crowded and the weather a bit cooler allowing you to enjoy the city much more. This city is a bit more expensive compared to the other ones but it’s not Paris or London.

You could travel around with an average daily cost of 45$ and enjoy yourself on a different beach every day with a glass of wine in your hand! The city’s center is a UNESCO World Heritage site so you know there will be a lot of history there!

For more budget-friendly spots to discover, I made a similar list previously that is still very accurate that I hope will convince you to pack your bags and embark on your next adventure in fall 2022!

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