Discover the wonderful city of Fes in 24 hours!

Next on our 24 hrs in a city serie, we will discover the city of Fes!

Fes is the second largest city of Morocco after Casablanca, and it was quite a challenge to see everything in 24 hours. It’s the capital of the Fes-Meknes region and is known for its spiritual and knowledge field. Fes is a less “fun” city to explore compared to Casablanca or Marrakesh but is so rich in culture and landscapes, you shouldn’t skip on it! Most of our activities were around the center of the city so we walked everywhere. I must admit, it wasn’t an easy task, the hot weather wasn’t in our favor, and we should’ve probably used the taxi or our car more often.

Our first destination was the Chouara Tanneries. Morocco is known to have everything made locally and leather is no exception. You can go up different buildings to see how the leather is being worked on. Usually, it doesn’t cost anything to see the tanneries from the top but it’s custom to tip the host at the end. I personally don’t suggest buying the leather at the tanneries because their prices are exorbitant. Instead take a walk in the Medina (city) and find a seller that will give you a better price for the same quality product.

Now on our way to our second spot, we walked a bit in the Fez old Medina. (Look out for the leather while your there!) It was built during the Idrisid dynasty and to this day it’s almost intact! During our walk in the Medina, we were able to see the Mosque Al Qaraouiyine which also happens to be one of the oldest universities in Morocco. It was founded by Fatima Al-Fihri (whoot whoot girl power!) and focuses on Islamic studies.

While we are on the subject of education, there are two more madrassas (schools) that you should see; Al-Attarine Madrasa and Bou Inania Madrasa. The former is right next to the University, the latter a bit further ;P I think those two spots are the most picturesque. You do have to pay a small entrance fee but once inside there are no locals and the tourists know you’re trying to get your next IG picture so they won’t photobomb you!

This is pretty much all I did in 24 hours because I took my sweet time to read everything and take thousands of pictures, if not more. You can obviously find more things to do especially during night time. The weather is cooler, therefore you get to experience the city in a different atmosphere. Also stay hydrated during the day otherwise you will catch a heat stroke which will not be pleasant and ruin the rest of your vacation!

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