Drugstore haul, all the affordable items you need!

This week I cleaned up my makeup drawer for the sake of spring cleaning, and I noticed a lot of missing items or almost empty containers. I thought it would be an excellent occasion to hit my favorite drugstore and purchase all that I need! A few of the products I will show you are repurchased and some products I have never used before. It will be exciting to see how they will look and if I will like them! If you want a review of any of these products, let me know in the comment below!


The whole reason I wanted to go to the store was these brown eyeliners. I didn’t know which one to choose, so I took 2 different ones. Both are from L’oreal. The never-fail eyeliner seems to be creamier and paler than the smoky. They both have a smudger at the back, but the never-fail eyeliner seems nicer and of better quality.

I got these because I wanted to create more of the smoky natural makeup look we see everywhere on Tiktok. I think it will look good in the summertime!

Then I needed a bit of foundation and concealers. We are coming to warmer temperatures, and I will be tanning, so pretty soon, I won’t be able to match my current foundation and concealer. I got the NYX drop foundation which is my all-time favorite drugstore foundation. I made a mistake choosing the shade; I will need to return it and take a darker shade (I took a paler shade than my winter color for some reason :$).

I got 2 shades for concealer from Maybelline for mixing purposes, on top of the one I already own. I will have a concealer throughout the different shades I will need this summer.

I also got a color-correcting pen in the shade Apricot because I have never tried it before! It has been quite a difficult semester, and my undereye bags are out of control!

Lastly, I got the instant age rewind concealer. I read amazing reviews about it all over the internet and from my favorite influencers. Unfortunately, I never got around to try it… I really hope it’s as good as people say, I will be so sad if not!

2 new items I wanted to try out are the bronzing powder from Lancome and the long-lasting lipstick from NYX. I recently broke 1 of my bronzer, and I’m almost done with my second one. I saw this product and thought it would be a great time to try it out! I like their eyeshadows, so I have very high hopes for the bronzer. And for the lipstick, can we ever have enough?

Also, because I am planning on going out often this summer, I will need sunscreen… I’m not really a sunscreen person, but I’m getting older, and my skin is more and more sensitive. I guess this summer will be the time to start using it! And for my dry sensitive skin, I got the intense hydrating cream from Vichy. I tried many of their creams, and I loved them all!

Lastly, I got this shampoo and conditioner made with Shea Butter from Matrix. I got it because it was on discount but I will only be using it after I finish my current shampoo and conditioner

This is it for my drugstore haul! I really only purchased what I knew I needed. I would love to try more products in the future! Let me know what’s your go-to drugstore items to purchase in the comments!

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