The packing list you need for your fall hiking trip!

If you are thinking about going on a hiking trip this fall, I got the perfect packing list for you especially if those hikes are done in Canada! It’s not a secret that Canada is a pretty cold country and this week the weather already went in the negative in Calgary and they foresee snow in the very near future! The weather is obviously not a reason to stop hiking and all outdoor activities! For that reason, I made this packing list of all the essentials you will need! If you keep warm, you will have the best time ever!

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The packing list you need for your fall hiking trip!

You can read our full itinerary of the Canadian Rockies here, so you know what trail you should try! This list worked very well for the weather we were in, but just keep in mind your main goal is to stay warm. I made the list but I also wanted to be fashionable, for the pictures, so my clothes were not the warmest. I wrote jacket but it shouldn’t have been the one from Zara if you know what I mean!

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    “Stand up and do what you want! No reason to say no!” this should be mind-set for everything we do!

    • SofyahOv
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      Exactly my thoughts!

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