My absolute favorite fashion trends to wear this fall

At first it’s painful, then it forces you to level up and change.

Ladies and more ladies… The best season of the year is upon us!

Nothing makes me happier than finally putting away the dresses and sandals and getting out my sweaters and boots. Fashion is a big part of what fall is all about. The dark colors, the textures, the vibes, the music… I can go on and on!

And what says fashion, says fashion trends! These are the trends I loved to see and might add to my wardrobe for this new season! Many of these pieces can be worn up or down depending on the occasion, and I love that they still give off a minimalistic look.

I’m pretty sure you also already own a few of these pieces (or a variation…) that I find pretty timeless!

Leather all day every day.

Did someone say Oversized?

If you’re getting boots, they have to be over the knee!

A blast from the past, the corsets are back!

Fur = Fuzzy and Fun?

Let me know if you own any of these pieces or which one you would like to get in the future!

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