How to look rich on a budget!

2 years ago I wrote an article on how to look expensive for less and given I grew up during these last years and you seemed to really like the first part, I decided to create a second part with even more tips on how to look rich and classy on a budget!

It can be hard to stay on top of trends and look luxurious, and the stress of financial uncertainty blocking you from getting out of your comfort zone and trying to up your fashion game can be challenging.

I believe that you have to dress for the lifestyle you want and the goal is to be rich not to look rich (unless you do it on a budget and then it’s lovely!)

I think a lot of young adults are asking themselves how to look rich, classy, and professional believing they have to invest in expensive brands for example. And not to say that money is useless to step up your wardrobe, it is not the most important component. Here are some tips and tricks that can change your whole appearance and how to put together rich outfits.

Understand different fabrics.

Rich people tend to choose high-quality fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk, which look and feel more luxurious. It also hangs on your body more nicely and compliments your form better. In the long run, the high-quality fabrics will last, so really it’s an investment.

Tailor your clothes.

To my biggest disappointment, I had to say goodbye to oversized looks. You want your clothes to perfectly fit your body so you look polished and put together. You will float in your baggy clothes and look uncomfortable in your small clothes.

Accessorize properly.

Nothing beats nice golden jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, a nice watch, or a silky scarf… it really makes or breaks the outfit. It’s better for you to have fewer accessories of good quality that just look amazing rather than many cheap-looking accessories.

Keep it simple.

Avoid flashy logos, designs, and patterns. Instead, opt for clean lines and simple designs. Minimalist and modest styles are timeless and look sophisticated all the time. Choose a nice neckline that screams a rich-casual look. My personal favorites are the boat neck, jewel, Queen Anne, and turtle neck.

It’s not always about the clothes.

Don’t forget that clothes are a small part of how to look rich. To look wealthy you need to have a good hygiene regimen. Your nails should always look clean and nice. Usually, rich people would prefer trimmed nails instead of long ones. Your hair has to look flawless and healthy. Simple hairstyles are best such as ponytails, braids, or loose. And don’t forget your skincare. A glowy and healthy face is worth more than a lot of the points enumerated in this article!

Be picky with your shoes.

Wealthy people have signature shoes that they love to wear. They are comfortable and look expensive without breaking the bank. Think about getting loafers, New Balance, Reebok, riding boots, and heels.

Black outfits are more elegant.

If there is one thing that elevates an outfit is the color black. It screams confidence, elegance, and maturity. And the great thing about having black pieces, it’s the way you can mix and match them very easily and it will always seem like a new outfit.

Get a signature perfume.

You don’t need to have a thousand perfumes in your collection, but rather one that smells like elegance and that people will recognize you by. My personal favorite is Libre by YSL.

Let me know in the comments section how you elevate your style and look rich on a budget. We live in difficult times, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look rich!

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Sofyah Ov is the founder of Sofyahscorner. Through her travels, she emphasizes the art of living comfortably while adventuring, showing readers how to strike a harmonious balance between world exploration and the soft life. Having lived in 3 different continents, the writer, passionate traveler, and lifestyle enthusiast would love to teach you how you can have it all!

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