How to plan your perfect trip to Denmark

My trip to the Netherlands was my all-time favorite trip to this day. It was my first time alone without any supervision and believe me, I did everything to plan the perfect trip. Surely, I couldn’t have my first experience be a fail! I have created a pin where you get all the information you should about Denmark, the food you should try, the places to visit, how to commute, and where to go for day trips. You can find it below! I also included a checklist you can try out or at least get inspired from!

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I had written a post about Copenhagen last year where I showed a few pictures of that trip and explaining what I would do differently if I was to go back! You can find it HERE.

So to plan the perfect trip, it really depends on you and your lifestyle! To have a chilled trip, you should plan a week to visit all the unmissable attractions. If you want to really experience the country as a local maybe go for two weeks. It will give you the chance to take your time and really enjoy yourself.

I believe to plan the perfect trip, these tips will come handy:
  • Budget about 200$ a day, Denmark is a bit more expensive, so be prepared. We scheduled mainly free attractions so we were able to save a bit on that front.
  • Don’t travel during pick-season, go a bit before or after!
  • Choose the cities you want to visit and see if you can take public transit in between them.
  • Even in the cities, see if you can use the buses or rent a bike so you have as much as possible the local experience.
  • Browse the internet for deals on accommodations and transports.
  • Don’t over plan nor under plan. Find a good balance so you know what you are doing but there is room for surprises (good ones!).
  • You want your accommodations to be in the city, as close as possible to everything!

I hope this post helped you and cleared your mind!

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