Kora Organics Face Oil by Miranda Kerr! Honest review!

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Last year, during the Sephora sale, I splurged a bit on new skincare products. I ended up purchasing a new face serum that I’m ready to review for you all! I purchased the mini-size Face Oil from Kora Organics and have been using it for almost two months.

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Price-wise, I purchased the mini size, which is 10ml, for 33$CAD. The full size is 85$CAD and it’s 30ml instead. Click HERE to find the product on Sephora.

Kora Organics Facial Oil
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The brand KORA ORGANICS was created by Supermodel Miranda Kerr and she is the reason I purchased this product. She is so pretty and seems so honest that I really wanted to like this product! You can see in the picture above all the cons I found. Therefore, I personally wouldn’t try this particular product again. But I will try other ones from her line.

Nonetheless, I would like to mention that the product has amazing reviews over the internet. A good amount of people seem to enjoy it, but your skin might react differently, as mine did!

I found my previous facial oil (Bliss, Moisturizing Camellia Facial Oil) to be so much better. You get a larger quantity for a lower price, and I find it to be a lot more versatile. It’s an excellent option if you don’t want to overpay for a skincare product, and the quality of the product is next-level!

If you ever tried this product before, let me know in the comments section how you found it and if you liked it! Also, if you tried other products from Kora Organics that you liked, let me know so I can maybe try them!

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