My latest drugstore haul – Makeup & Skincare favorites

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With the weather change and my hibernation coming to an end, I had to restock on a few products, and I thought it was the perfect time to try out some new products. What better way to save money and discover new items than to go on a drugstore haul?

There is a bit of makeup, hair product, and some skincare included in this list, enough to keep me stocked until fall. Check out this post for my last drugstore haul. Some of my purchases are actually re-purchases from last time!

Let me know in the comment section below if you have tried any of these and what are your favorite drugstore products!

Garnier Whole Blends Conditioning Milk

I got these 2 conditioning milk. It retails for 9$ at Shoppers Drug Mart. I have never tried them, and as a matter of fact, I never even used this brand for hair before. I purchased them in the hopes of creating my own concoction of oil bathing for hair. I don’t know if it will work out, but if it doesn’t, I also read great reviews on this product, so I will be using it as a conditioner, as prescribed on the bottle. If it works, would you be interested in knowing what I put in my blend?

L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil

Drugstore haul

Another hair product! In the last few months, I noticed I started having a lot of dandruff, and I absolutely hate it. I really feel that it’s from the shampoo or conditioner I have been using. I remember when I was younger, I would always have dandruff too when using the same shampoo and conditioner for too long. I already switch them once but no change. So I got this one instead because I have never used the brand before. I already used it once, and I am hopeful it works, so let me keep trying it for a few more washes. It retails for 10$ at Shopper Drug Mart.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF30

This is from the fancy expensive section, but it was on discount, so I’m including it in this list. I love Kiehl’s products, and I have tried a few of their creams before. I never took SPF seriously, but I’m getting closer and closer to my thirties, so I decided that it’s time. It originally retails for 35$, and I would definitely recommend you buy it.

Garnier Ombrelle Sunscreen

Talking about getting closer to my thirties, I decided I should also start using sunscreen. I’m so late in the game, but I found these two that weren’t too expensive, and it’s the #1 recommended filter by Canadian dermatologists, so I will be giving it a shot. They retail for 16$ each on Comment below other sunscreens you like that I could try once I finish with these.

Python Metallic Lip Kit

I liked it, so I got it! This was such an impulse purchase, but it’s okay! This retails at 10$ in Walmart. It has 2 colors, one balm, and one metallic powder. I got mine in the shade Provoked, and I quite like it. The balm is hydrating, and the metallic effect makes your lips stand out! It will look especially nice in the summer with the sun hitting your face, while you walk around town.

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Tint

I really wanted to try a blush tint, given I only own powder blushes and wanted to go out of my comfort zone this summer. And this tint is so pigmented… I have no words. I can’t wait to wear it out when the weather will be nicer! It retails for 11$ at Walmart and considering the quantity you need, this will probably stay with me for years.

Maybelline Sensational Luscious Mascara

I was using the Sky High Mascara before that and needed a new one because mine was expiring. Couldn’t find it on the shelves, so went with the sensational Luscious instead. I already used it in the past, and like I always said, nothing can beat Maybelline in the mascara department!

NYX drop foundation and Maybelline concealer

2 repurchase from last time. I always have them with me! They are in my top 5 favorite makeup products ever created!

I love a good drugstore haul given I don’t go shopping that often and try to keep the essentials only!

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