The makeup stereotypes you surely have heard before!

If you know me, you know I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup for a very long time. I still remember when I would sneak in my eyeliner and lipgloss to school behind my parent’s back. All I wanted is to feel included with all the kids that already started playing with makeup! I started to officially wear it around 18 years old. Obviously, when I did, I went all in and I had no time for stereotypes! I’m quite creative, and makeup opened a new door for me.

To this day, I still love wearing makeup and creating different looks. I find it’s super therapeutic for me when I get to sit down and apply everything on my face to create a masterpiece. During my wild years, I used to get so many comments about my makeup and the bad association it had in society. This is ironic, given it’s exactly what it’s presented to us daily on social media and television!

Let me know down below what some comments you get from wearing makeup that are completely stereotypical so I can have a laugh!

You wear so much makeup, are you insecure?

This one really baffles me because I swear I am one of the most confident person I know. I understand where the idea comes from, but it’s such an unfair generalization! Obviously, the bombshells they present us in the magazines and on tv can be a bit unsettling. I wouldn’t say to a point where I would be insecure about myself… On top of that, where is the correlation between one and the other? If I may be the devil’s advocate, I would say that some girls may be insecure, but in those instances, we should have a serious conversation on self-love and confidence. Makeup won’t boost confidence in the long run!

Stop wearing makeup everyday, you will be wrinkled by 30!

Completely false and I have science to back me up! This stereotype dates from the 19th century when girls started to put on lead on their faces to give themself the very white pale look. And then, they started experiencing with colors and different kind of chemicals that unfortunately was really bad for the skin. With time, they started creating better products that had to be approved by different committees. Also early 2000, skincare was introduced to us and taught us how to take care of our skin. Let’s keep in mind a few things: pollution, stress, hormonal changes, and genetics. All these will also cause your skin to wrinkle earlier than necessary.

You’re just catfishing!

I’m sorry if for some reason you believed I was born with 2-inch lashes, golden eyelids, and perfect skin. This is something I used to get all the time when I just started wearing makeup from guys that haven’t fully developed their critical thinking yet. They are only offended because they believed it was real. And why did they think that in the first place? The media. They show these ‘perfect’ girls as if we are like this 24 hours a day. The disappointment is understandable.

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