What is there to see in Montreal?

A few days ago, an Internet friend reached out to me and asked me what she should do in Montreal as she’s planning her next trip. Having the home advantage, I gave her a long list of so many things to do. Even though Montreal is in a Covid Red Zone situation, and a lot of things are closed, the city has so much more to offer! And in case any of you wanted to visit at some point (even if it’s next year), you will still be able to do these things, so I decided to share a few nice spots with you!

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First, la promenade Fleuve-Montagne! The 4 km pedestrian walkway goes from the old port to the Mount-Royal (represents a good chunk of downtown Montreal). On the path, you can see historical buildings as well as urban buildings. There are activities throughout the path and lots of street art! There are benches all over the place so you can take a break as well as restaurants very close by to eat when you’ll get hungry!

The old port in itself is a full outing!

You have…

  • Montreal Ferris Wheel, which is the tallest Ferris in Canada!
  • The Bota-Bota Spa which is a historic ferry turned into a floating spa.
  • Clock Tower Beach perfect for picture time!

All Montreal-based influencers go there to take pictures because it has this french, romantic vibe. Without exaggeration, wherever you point your camera at will end up looking good!

Museums are closed right now if I’m not mistaken, but I would still recommend a few that I loved visiting and hopefully, they will open soon!

  • McCord Museum that shows past and present history of Montreal
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the most visited in Montreal
  • Pointe-à-Callière – Museum of Archaeology and History for any history buffs
  • Montreal Science Center, the funnest museum in my opinion!

I can’t wait for Covid to leave so that I can update this list with even more activities!

I hope you enjoyed this little list of ventures you can do in Montreal! Have you ever been? Are planning on coming? Let me know!

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