My Favorite TV Shows Rundown

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. – Dr. Seuss

There will be no spoilers in this post 🙂

Would it be too cliché to start with the one and only Game of Thrones? Because this show is definitely one of my favorites. It took me a moment to like this show honestly but once I was in… I WAS IN! One thing’s for sure: George R.R. Martin’s imagination and the team of producers that brought it to life deserve all the awards and applause of this world!

If you are into international shows, I suggest The Protector. I watched the first season in a few days and I was on my toes through it all. I was not expecting the end but then again I should’ve known. I even hooked my little brother on it and now that the second season is out on Netflix, he keeps on threatening to spoil it all for me!

I like creepy, weird show until it crosses the line to horror. These two next shows are not on the air right now but they will be coming back: You and Stranger Things. ”You” really made me scared and put into perspective what I should and what I shouldn’t share with the world. Everything about how easily people can get your information with a bit of motivation and seek you in such a wicked way scared the shit out of me. Stranger things I really can’t say why I love it this much but I do. At first I found it super weird and hesitated to watch it but I also didn’t want to get left out from the Stranger things fenomenon and thank god I did. The cast is so lovable and again the imagination behind it all is out of this world.

When I’m depressed and want to see something lighthearted and funny, I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This is my all time favorite show and I think I watched the show at least 10 times. I can’t watch this show with anyone because I will whisper all the dialogues and that might piss you off!

What I also really like is medical shows. The ones I’m watching at the moment and really love are Grey’s anatomy (Old but Gold), New Amsterdam (A Newcomer) and Chicago Med. I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy since I’m 11 years old and it’s a tradition to watch it. I have to admit the original cast is in my opinion so much better than the new one but nonetheless, I enjoy watching it and see how they develop and grow. New Amsterdam is all about hope and putting things under a positive light. Fighting the good fight and seeing how a small selfless act can change everything around you. As for Chicago Med, it’s a solid show that keeps you entertained and the drama is just enough to keep you hooked without having extravagant storylines or crazy smart science behind it. Talking about Chicago Med, I will also mention Chicago Fire (OG) and Chicago PD. Because if you like one you will probably like them all.

I almost forgot to include this last one! The list would be incomplete without The 100! I got hooked to this show in 5 minutes. I just rewatched it for a second time to put myself back into it before the new season (starting today) and I still cried! The trailer for this new season gave me chills.

I want to know what are your favorite shows and what should I watch next! Leave me a comment with your recommendations!

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