New perfumes? Come inside my perfume collection!

One of my recent passions in life is purchasing new perfumes… I don’t know how I got to this point exactly but I’m here and I need help! Just last year I used to have 1 perfume; my signature scent (Chanel, Mademoiselle). Then it spiraled down to me owning almost 10… blame it on my mom, on my friends, and on Giorgio Armani!

This list is in no particular order…

Brit Sheer by Burberry is a very light, clean, and feminine smell. It’s perfect for an everyday smell. It fades a bit too fast to my taste compared to my other perfumes, nonetheless I enjoy the smell a lot! (Key Notes: Bright Yuzu, Pineapple Leaves, Litchi, Mandarin)

Dynastie Mademoiselle by Marina De Bourbon has a very fruity yet fresh smell. It’s also a good everyday perfume! (Key Notes: Mandarin, Black Currant, Pear)

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani is a young and fresh parfum. It stays on a very long time and I get so many compliments on this perfume, it’s insane! (Key Notes: Cedar, Jasmine, Lemon)

Trésor by Lancome has a floral, elegant scent. It’s very long lasting. My mom introduced me this perfume a long time ago but because I wanted to stick to my signature smell, I never used it. I personally like to wear it during fall and winter but my mom can wear it all year long. (Key Notes: Apricot Blossom, Rose, Lilac, Iris, Peach, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla.)

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel was my signature smell for more than 5 years. It’s the first ”expensive” perfume I owned and I wore it every day! It smells like someone who’s ready to get things done. (Key Notes: Orange, Mandarin, Orange blossom, bergamot)

L’interdit by Givenchy is the newest edition to the family! It’s the perfect evening perfume. A bit dark, a bit dangerous, a bit sensual. When you wear it, it feels like you can conquer the world. (Key Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose, Vetiver.)

Libre by Yves Saint Laurent is also a recent purchase of mine. And it’s my favorite smell from all my perfumes. It’s a powerful smell, bold and long-lasting. It’s a statement perfume that will get you noticed! (Key Notes: Lavender Essence, Orange Blossom, Musk Accord)

Air di Gioia by Giorgio Armani is a fun, joyful, feminine smell. It’s the perfect summer smell without being too much! (Key Notes: Orange Blossom, Patchouli, Peony.)

Si by Giorgio Armani is the last perfume that I own and I feel like it’s a classic. It’s a warm and sweet perfume yet powerful and sophisticated. Every girl should have this perfume and if she doesn’t, you now know what to get her! (Key Notes: Chypre, Blackcurrant Nectar, Airy Florals, Musky Blond Wood.)

So that is it for my perfume collection and just so you know, I’m always on the lookout for new perfumes so don’t hesitate to share your favorite scent with me! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe discovered a new scent that grabbed your attention!

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