Real makeup items a beginner should have!

If you are new to the world of makeup, this article is for you! God knows the amount of useless products I have purchased in my life because some influencer swore I needed it. It’s quite unsettling the amount of information that gets thrown at us daily. And like I like to say, I try it, so you don’t have to! I surely consider makeup to be an art, and it’s no secret that art requires a lot of material, but if you are just starting, you only need a few makeup items.

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So, in my mind, makeup should enhance what you already have. As a rookie, you don’t want to start by creating some crazy stuff, because more often than not, it will be a fail. The reason it will fail is that you haven’t figure out your face yet. Your face has a unique structure that you should treat adequately. You can find below the list of products you can start with before upgrading!

Makeup items a beginner should have

Overall, be smart with your money and start with drugstore makeup items. Not much separates these products from high-end products. My all-time favorite drugstore brand is NYX. The quality is amazing, the price is budget-friendly, it’s cruelty-free, and you get a huge range of products. I put on the list my 3 favorite items from them, which are the foundation, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadows. 

This list is what I believe you need to create a perfect full face of makeup. Starting with the foundation, then concealer, a bit of eyeshadow, bronzer (a must), mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lastly the lips. I noticed for my face, I only need bronzer, mascara, and eyebrows. Then when needed, in special events, I will add more makeup.

Let me know if you agree with this list or if you would change somethings up! I would love to know your opinions 🙂

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