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This months Skincare item that we love is the MaxGlow infusion drop from Aveeno. I got my hand on this product as soon as it came out given I love the Aveeno brand so much and I knew I would love this product before I even applied it to my face!

What I love about this product is how light it feels on the skin! You can wear it under your makeup or on it own and you only need 2-3 drops to cover your full face. I usually apply it in the morning. The product came out during spring time and I used it ever since even thought my skin doesn’t need extra moisture this time of the year but I’m convinced it will do miracles in winter time when my skin gets extremely dry and problematic.

The product was designed to give you a dewy / natural glow and to give you a moisturizing boost to make you feel fresh all day long. The serum was made with mainly 2 components: Soy and Kiwi. The former has super moisturizing power and helps to even out your skin tone. The latter is full of nutrients and antioxidants which is great to boost and rejuvenate your skin. It’s also great for acne prone skin and to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

The only thing that might bum out some people is maybe the strong smell. Personally I do not mind it but I don’t a strong sense of smell.

You should really try this product! It’s totally worth the 20$, in my opinion. If you try it, let me know how it goes and your experience with this serum!

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