Myths the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know!

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I wrote an article a few weeks back about a few unknown facts within the beauty industry, but I am back with a better one this time! I’m about to share with you some myths and secrets that the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know! They created a few myths with their marketing teams to push you to purchase their product when you don’t need to!

Let me know in the comments below if you knew about any of them before!


In the beauty industry, collagen pills have been highly advertised as supplements. They claim to be necessary for hair and nail growth, as well as skin elasticity. You may have heard of the following brands: Vital Proteins, Youthology, Neocell, Organika, Jamieson, Nature’s bounty, and many others. But what is collagen? In short terms, it’s a protein. This protein can’t be absorbed by your body in its original form. Which means your body has to break it into amino acids.

Our bodies don’t particularly care about what kind of amino acids they are faced with, they will simply digest it and carry it through our body to repair what needs to be repaired. We produce naturally this protein a lot given collagen makes up to one-third of our body protein because it helps maintain the health of our bones and connective tissues such as muscles.

Meaning purchasing 20 to 60 dollars worth of collagen pills is useless to us and a big waste of money! What they are selling you is basically gelatin mixed with Vitamin C.

You might wonder then what you should do for your hair and nail growth. You can add more protein to your diet. So a bit more meat, fish and eggs. If you are vegan, greens such as spinach, kale, and collard greens are full of protein. You can read this article in the Healthline magazine where they give you plenty of food options to pick your next source of protein! Then to top it off and help your body, get some vitamin C, which acts as a cofactor, and help synthesize the collagen from the food you are eating!


I can’t be the only one that ever thought: This packaging looks so rich and fancy, the product inside must be high quality! Wrong! The more the packaging is heavy and fancy and intricate, and more you will pay for the product. This difference in packaging lets brands mark up their product up to 10 times. Studies have shown that the skincare industry is worth 148 billion dollars in 2020 and will get to 190 billion by 2025, which is a 28% increase in 5 years. The ingredients won’t change that much, but what will change is the packaging!

Dermatologist tested

We love to get a new face cream that is dermatologist tested but did they love it? Do they recommend it? That’s a whole different story! The only thing that dermatologist-tested means is that a skin expert was included in the process of fabrication of the cream, but he doesn’t necessarily approve of the final product. They are not safer, more effective, or better than another dermatologist-tested cream. At the end of the day, the brand is in charge of the ingredients and full process and has to evaluate the cost they are willing to pay.

If you want the best product, you should go directly to your dermatologist and get a skin diagnosis. Then get the exact products they recommend.

We can all admit that the marketing teams in the beauty industry work really hard to sell us their products. But enough is enough. In 2021, we won’t be duped anymore! Let me know if you knew of these or if some have surprised you!

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