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There is no better feeling than booking a vacation where you can finally sit back and relax or explore brand new and exciting destinations. Whether it is for international travel, a long and thought-out road trip, a business endeavor, or even a family getaway, there are thousands of different locations that you can choose to visit and enjoy. To make sure that you are truly getting everything that you should out of your next vacation (and to save some of your hard-earned money while you’re at it), check out these travel apps that will assist in making your next vacation truly unforgettable!

To find a cheap flight, check out these travel apps
Travel apps, Hopper, Skyscanner

Hooper | Hooper is the best travel app that you can use to check for affordable flights. If you know that you want to go to a certain place within a certain time frame, you have the ability to input this information into the app and it will track when the cheapest flights are released for the time and date that you want to travel!

Skyscanner | Skyscanner is another great travel app that helps you to find cheap flights with the added advantage of allowing you to check when air flight prices will be at their lowest. If you are flexible with the dates that you want to visit your vacation destination, this travel app can save you a ton of money!

To search for cheap hotels and accommodations, download these travel apps
Travel Apps, Airbnb, Hostelworld, Hotel Tonight, Booking.com

Airbnb | This is the best travel app to help you secure a safe, clean, and beautiful location to stay for a couple of days. If you are planning on traveling with a couple of friends or family members, this is the perfect accommodation option to choose as you can easily split the cost between all of you. Also, if you don’t feel like going to restaurants that often on your trip, most Airbnb’s have a kitchen, permitting you to have a truly relaxing vacation.

Hostelworld | Perfect for solo travelers or a party of two, Hostelworld is the perfect travel app if you are looking for a way to meet people while traveling in a brand new city. This is a great option for travel bloggers to utilize because of how inexpensive it is.

Hotel Tonight | This is one of the newest travel apps to hit the industry! If you need to make a last-minute hotel reservation, then this app is the one for you. This travel app helps to find you last-minute rooms at an extremely discounted price. If you ever need to just pack a bag and leave, then this is the perfect travel app for you!

Booking.com | I use this travel app very often! Known for its great deals, Booking.com allows you to compare the prices of different hotels in the area that you are looking to visit. The great thing about Booking.com is that you can find hotels, houses, hostels, bed & breakfasts. I used this travel app to book a riad in Marrakech and it was the greatest thing ever!

For the best recommendations, use this travel app
Travel Apps, Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor | I always use this travel app to check out reviews on restaurants and things to do in the area that I will be visiting.

For getting around, consider these travel apps!
Travel Apps, TripIt, Google maps, Google translate, XE Currency Converter

TripIt | This travel app gives you the freedom to organize your entire trip. From flight bookings to restaurant reservations, TripIt is the premier travel app. It will even send you notifications to remind you where your next scheduled event is.

Google Maps | This is a great travel app because you can use the maps while offline and then use them to find your way around your destination! I use this travel app to save all of the addresses in advance, that way I don’t have to look them up while traveling. It is a huge time saver!

Google Translate | Have you ever been to a restaurant and couldn’t understand not even one option that was on the menu or just needed some extra information? This travel app is the one for you!

XE currency converter | This travel app is one of the most reliable live currency converters currently on the market. It works offline as well and can save conversion rates for various countries, allowing you to track at what point the conversion is the most beneficial for you and exchange your money!

I have personally utilized all of these travel apps at one point in time and they have made planning a trip so much easier. Read this article to find out how to perfectly plan your next trip with these travel apps!

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