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Fill your life with adventures not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. -Unknown

One of the most accurate personality tests you can take today is the Myers-Briggs. They present 16 personality types derived from five big personality traits!

The 5 personality traits are…

  • Agreeableness: A measure of one’s trusting and helpful nature.
  • Conscientiousness: A tendency to be organized and dependable.
  • Extraversion: A tendency to seek the company of others and talk.
  • Neuroticism: Predisposition to psychological stress.
  • Openness to experience: A degree of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a preference for novelty

You can see in the chart below that personality traits are more about polarities rather than specific traits. We all have those 5 personalities within us but some traits are more apparent and visible than others. For this article I will focus on destinations perfect for the left side of the graph and if you wish to know the right side, let me know!

Inventive and curious -> Colombia!

People who are open tend to show their emotions, appreciation for art, and unconventional ideas. This tendency leads to having strong personal preferences for a variety of activities over a disciplined routine and Colombia will definitely speak to you on a deeper level. From its rich history to the inclusiveness of the people, you will discover a new side of yourself that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Efficient and Organized -> Germany!

People with conscientiousness tend to be more organized in turn results in a persona who is efficient. Conscientious people prefer making plans to spontaneous behavior and if there is one place that makes it extremely easy to be organized is Germany. With their daily tours of the city, their very elaborate subway, train and bus system, all their museums and rich culture, you can make an amazing plan and learn so much of the worlds history!

Outgoing and energetic -> Australia!

People with extroversion are very energetic allowing a person to be outgoing. Extraverted people tend to feel most energetic when they are in the company of others. They re-charge by interacting and talking. Other than it’s natural wonder, Australia is known to be one of the most urbanized country in the world. You can socialize with anyone, anywhere and there is plenty to discover. You can go to amusement parks, beaches, the city… the county never sleeps!

Friendly and compassionate -> Portugal!

People with agreeableness seem to cooperate with us more and being more compassionate towards us and there isn’t a better place to find friends than Portugal! Whether it’s the wonderful weather or the amazing food, people seems so much friendlier there than anywhere else! And given the popularity of the country, you will find a lot of tourists with whom you can bond and create everlasting friendships!

Sensitive and Nervous -> Maldives!

People with neuroticism in the sensitive side tend to experience anger, anxiety, depression, and psychological stress in general which the Maldives will calm down. You can book a room in a resort and enjoy the holidays on the beach with a coconut in your hand, or better yet, stay in your room with your private pool, away for strangers eyes. Everything will be provided for you and all your stress can be put aside for a short moment. And if you feel adventurous, you can go swim in the ocean, go to the market, or walk in the forest. Either way you will be safe on the island!

Whatever your personality type is, you will find a little piece of heaven on earth that will appeal to your soul!

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Sofyah Ov is the founder of Sofyahscorner. Through her travels, she emphasizes the art of living comfortably while adventuring, showing readers how to strike a harmonious balance between world exploration and the soft life. Having lived in 3 different continents, the writer, passionate traveler, and lifestyle enthusiast would love to teach you how you can have it all!

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