4 tips for moving out for the first time with confidence!

You learn more about someone at the end of a relationship than at the beginning.

moving out for the first time

What should you know before moving out for the first time? The whole experience of moving out can present itself as a blessing or your own personal hell. I can’t lie… moving out of your parent’s home has many advantages, but the amount of new responsibilities that will pile up on you is intense. Having gone through that not long ago, I compiled a guide to make this change as easy and smooth as possible.

1. Get your finance in check.

When deciding to move out, it’s paramount that you make sure you can afford it. You won’t have the luxury of your parents saving you and helping you out (unless you have amazingly awesome parents!). You have to understand how to budget, save and spend intelligently.

Start off by tracking all your existing expenses and income. Then add all future expenses that you might not have. Decide what is essential and what is not. Expenses may include the phone bill, electricity, insurance, car, rent/mortgage, and so on!

Then factor in all the moving expenses such as a moving company, rent deposit, and the cost to furnish your new place. If you are purchasing your first place, you will need to have a down payment ready and think of the lawyer fees.

After all of this, calculate your residual income and decide if it’s enough for you to live on.

2. Get yourself a stable job.

While you are budgeting and looking at your income, make sure your job is stable enough, and you have employment security. You have to make sure your paycheck can cover your rent and all the essential bills.

3. Decide which neighbourhood fits you.

Now that all your finances and income are figured out, you are ready to move out, and you should decide where you will be moving out to. You have to choose a location where you feel comfortable and safe.

When I was moving out, these were a few things I was looking for: close to public transport, to my family, to the city center, and grocery stores.

You might make sure it’s also close to your work, to a gym, parks…

Some neighborhoods are more expensive than others, so make sure you don’t go over your budget, as tempting as it is.

4. Lists will be your best friends!

The stress you are feeling while moving out can sometimes cloud your judgment. You might think you need something when you don’t, so it’s essential to decide what you need and to write it down. You don’t want to overspend or live on your credit card right from the start.

This covers most of the issues before your move, but it’s a whole other ball game once you have the keys to your place! You can read more tips here about moving out for the first time on your own that are quite useful!

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