The best tips on traveling during Covid

Ever since Covid started, the only travel I have been doing was pretty local in cities around mine. The furthest I went was in Gaspésie and this is about to change! Next week, I will be going to Calgary, Alberta for a few days and I had to do my research as to what I should expect or how to be more prepared! With the restriction lifting up, we will be able to travel more often now. I wanted to share with you tips to ensure you will have the best time and your trip goes smoothly!

First thing, you should do is to contact the airline you are taking and ask them if a Covid Test is required before your flight. Depending on your location and your destination, you may have to do the test. If you do, make sure to take the test 48hrs before your flight. You will have your result before departure.

Also, you should check what is the protocol put in place by the government in order to travel. Are you required to quarantine yourself once you arrive to the destination or once you come back to your home country?

If you travel by car, you are probably a lot safer than by taking the plan!

Make sure you arrive in advance to the airport because it may take more time than expect to aboard the plane, especially if you travel internationally.

Other than that make sure you have plenty of masks on hand as well as glasses, sanitizers/hand wipes and gloves to protect yourself and others to your best abilities!

Lastly try to keep your distance with others at all times and be very careful in general.

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Sofyah Ov is the founder of Sofyahscorner. Through her travels, she emphasizes the art of living comfortably while adventuring, showing readers how to strike a harmonious balance between world exploration and the soft life. Having lived in 3 different continents, the writer, passionate traveler, and lifestyle enthusiast would love to teach you how you can have it all!

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