There is really only 3 ways to save on a trip realistically and still having an awesome time! You can save on Transportation, Touristy stuff and Food! I call it the TTF Saves! Here a quick rundown on how you can be travelling on a budget and HAVE SO MUCH FUN!


Transportation is the kind of expense that pills up. You don’t realize it at first but one cab here, one uber there and you are 200$ short. When travelling try to do like locals and take the public transport, it’s probably super cheap and most cities have a very develloped transport system.

Ex: In Copenhagen, the distance between the airport and let say the city center a metro ticket is about 5$, whereas a taxi could charge you up to 30$ for the ride and the two options will take you almost the same time!

Next way of saving is to be flexible with your dates and travelling off-season! Not only you will save on transportation but you won’t be swamped by tourist once there.

Ex: 1 ticket from Montreal to Casablanca during summer time can go up to 1500$ whereas if you go in November it’s half the price!

  1. Most museum offer free admission days or times or discount for students and you should definitely take advantage of all that, especially if you are already planning on going there.
  2. Also most cities offer free walking tours on certain days where you will be accompanied by a English speaking guide that you can tip at the end.
  3. And lastly, check if the city you’re visiting offers some city passes where admission to popular attraction is discounted and sometime you can even get a discount on transportation.

Ex: Le musée du louvre, in France has a free admission every first saturday of the month between 6 pm and 9pm whereas it’s 15 euros on a normal day.


Food, like transportation, pills up just as easily. So to save up you can do many things such as avoiding restaurant on the touristy road, give street food a try and make your own groceries!

Where ever the main street is go to a parallel street chances are the food will be a lot less expensive. And don’t wait to be starving before your start looking for a places because you will end up knocking on the first door which is not always the best option. The only thing you can get on a touristy main road is food cart!

Ex: For less than 10$ (and I’m being generous with the 10$) you can find a really nice food card on the street to eat while discovering the city whereas going to a restaurant requires you to sit for a moment and charge you 30$ a meal.

Also try to get to a local grocery store and stack up on snacks and drinks so that hunger doesn’t sneak up on you and make you stop several time to re-fuel. It also a great way to keep up with your diet if you have one.

I hope these tips will help you out and permit you to travel all around the world and not break the bank! All of this does require a bit of organization and planning but I personally have no problem with that.

Comment down below your tips on travelling on a budget so that we help each other and make travelling much less expensive but just as fun!

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