Top 8 Most beautiful cities in North Africa

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It’s ludicrous for me to think that the African continent still isn’t a popular destination. You can find a bit of everything, whether it’s the big city, the beaches, the history, or the mountains… Even though today’s post is dedicated to cities in North Africa, the rest of the continent is just as beautiful!

Let me know in the comment section below if you would like for me to write about the rest of the continent, not only about the cities in North Africa.

This list is obviously not in any kind of order!

Cairo, Egypt

A list of the most beautiful cities in North Africa couldn’t be complete without Cairo. Located on the Nile River, the city is full of rich history. The number of different tours you can get to discover various aspects of the city is numerous. Having 7 heritage sites protected under UNESCO shows you how important the Egyptian country is, as it is the home of the oldest Islamic cities known today. A few landmarks you should definitely consider visiting: the Pyramids of Giza, visit a few museums, admire the Al-Azhar mosque (one of the first mosques still operating today), wander in Old Cairo, or go shop in one of the souqs, more precisely, the Khan el-Khalili.

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

This coastal city is the best gateway from the busy city life. You will be amazed by the white and blue surrounding you. It looks very similar to Greece but with an Arab vibe, and people are often surprised that it’s one of the cities in North Africa! There isn’t much to do there other than relaxing and enjoy life. You can walk in the old town and check out the art that is exposed everywhere, and of course, spend the day at the beach under a bright warm sun. You have plenty of restaurants with amazing views and delicious food! And if you really want to explore, there is an array of tours you can take!

Marrakesh, Morocco

One of the most luxurious places in Morocco and one of my personal favorite. From famous palaces to amazing souks with everything ranging between traditional and modern items. This town is home to a lot of famous Frenchman which scream luxury and security. You can find breath-taking riads, spas, 5-star restaurants, and different gardens. For history buffs, there are plenty of museums. For shopaholics looking for a good deal, there is an array of 18 souks to choose from. You can take a hot air balloon flight over the city, have a camel ride amid the atlas mountains or in the Merzouga desert, or ride a VTT in the desert. You will not be disappointed. If you ever go there, here are the most important landmark to visit.

Tripoli, Libya

Located between the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert, Tripoli is often overlooked. The country has a long history of political uncertainty, but it seems to have calmed down. You should definitely visit the Saraya Museum and the museum of Libya. You will have a better understanding of the rich history of the country. A few landmarks that are worth visiting are the Arch of Marcus Aurelius and the Martyrs’ Square. You can also take so many fun tours.

Oran, Algeria

Facing the Mediterranean Sea, Oran is a melting pot of the different nations that left their marks on the land. So many have tried to take the city but haven’t succeeded, and it shows in the architecture. The best things you can do in the city: walk around the city center, visit the Santa Cruz Fort, try the street food, learn about Algerian history in the Ahmed Zabana National Museum, go to the beach, party at La Corniche, go to a spa, and so much more!

Alexandria, Egypt

The second-largest city in Egypt offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea. A slower-paced city compared to Cairo, Alexandria is known for the lighthouse of Alexandria, and the Bibliotheca of Alexandrina. While walking in the streets, you will notice the roman influence before its modernization. Alexandria is also known to have opened her doors to early Christianity… It’s interesting to see the cohabitation between Islam and Christianity with the many churches and mosques!

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Up north of the country, you can find the blue pearl of Morocco. The whole city is painted in different shades of blue. The history is literally written on the walls going back to the 1900s when the jews came to Morocco running away from the Spanish inquisition. It’s one of the calmest cities in Morocco and the hospitality of the citizen of Chefchaouen is incomparable to none others! The city can be visited in a day by having a walking tour in the old city. Don’t forget to stop in the souqs to shop around as it’s a lot more traditional than other big Moroccan cities. You can go on a hike in the Rif Mountains and see the whole Chefchaouen from the top.

Algiers, Algeria

The capital of the biggest country in Africa, Algiers, is the political, economic, and cultural headquarter of the country. A few things you can do in Algiers is to walk around The Casbah. You can get yourself a guide that will tell you the story behind the maze. That neighborhood is a Unesco World Heritage, so you know there is a lot of history behind it! Another unavoidable landmark to visit is the Martyrs’ Memorial. You can spot the tower from about anywhere in the city! Lastly, check out the Botanical Garden, home to more than 1000 different species of plants. You can obviously visit so much more in the city!

That sums up a bit of the most beautiful cities in North Africa, but I can guarantee you that there are a lot more places to see!

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