Where you should travel this fall? 5 best cities to discover!

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Who said the end of summer meant the ending of travel? I believe that once summer ends, the best kind of travel begins. You have the opportunity to travel and pay much less for transport and accommodation! And let’s not forget that the weather is a lot much nicer in fall. Summer is hot and sweaty, but fall is crisp and breezy. I made a little list of a few places you should definitely consider for your fall travel. I hope you will like it and it will inspire you to pack up your bag and catch a flight!

Utah, United States

Utah is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in the USA. The landscape is simply breathtaking. If you are a hiker and enjoy the outdoors, you will be happy there. Not only that but, there are plenty of amazing things to see given the diverse topographies. A few things you can do in Utah includes hiking in Zion National Park. The Narrows and the Angles Landing are 2 of the best hikes in that region, and you should not skip on them! Another amazing national park is Canyonlands. Don’t forget to visit the Bonneville Salt Falt as well as swimming in the Great Salt Lake. Visit one of the largest Mormon churches in Salt Lake City. Go VTT on the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Paddleboard on the Lake Powell. Take a walk in the Goblin Valley State Park. Go for a quick swim in the Meadow Hot Springs. Relax next to Toquerville Falls after a 12-mile trek.

Athens, Greece

It feels like everyone was in Greece this summer, but the best to visit is actually in fall! The weather is a bit cooler, and there are so much fewer tourists at that time of the year. Wherever you go there will be a smaller wait line, and it will you so much easier to take your Instagram pictures in peace, without having a million people coming into your shot! Go to Lycabettus Hill for the perfect picture of the skyline. Visit the Acropolis Museum. Stoll around the Ancient Agora. Go to the flea market to find unique souvenirs. Catch the sunrise in the Temple of Poseidon. Try a small hike to see a beautiful view of the city. Catch a live performance in the evening while enjoying an authentic greek meal. Greece hosts so many food festivals in the fall that you don’t want to miss out on.

Lanai, Hawaii

One of the less explored islands of Hawaii. People tend to visit Maui or Oahu, forgetting the other magnificent islands. Lanai offers thrill and relaxation without being submerged by visitors. On one hand, you have luxurious resorts, on the other, you can trek the back roads of the island and explore all the beauty the island has to offer. You can watch the migration of the turtles and dolphins from the shore. Horseback ride around the island. Hike the Munro Trail. Snorkeling is obviously a must!

Alaska, United States

Not an obvious choice but definitely a hidden gem! Fall is a great time to see the Aurora borealis as the day get shorter and the nights longer. The beautiful orange foliage starts peeking through, you can see it first hand in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Go into the wilderness on an ATV. Kayak between the mountains. Whale watching increases a lot until October before they make their way to Hawaii. You can even take a day trip cruise to the Glaciers!

Belfast, Ireland

If we diverge a bit from nature and beaches, we find ourselves in Belfast. From the exceptional amount of museums to beautiful street art, you won’t regret going there! The nightlife is popping, and during the daytime, you have an array of restaurants to try, shopping centers to discover, and unique architecture to find. The reason why autumn is the perfect season to discover Belfast is because of the amazing outdoor activities, plenty of local festivals, sporting events, and the crisp atmosphere. Another kind of atmosphere you don’t want to miss out on is in the pubs where they also live entertainment.

Let me know in the comments below if you have been to any of these places and if not where you think the best fall travel is? I would love to add cities and countries to my bucket list!

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